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The wrongful death of a spouse or loved one can be a traumatic experience.  A life can never be replaced, nor the void that is left behind when someone's life is taken away.  If a loved one is killed on the premises of a business, or by the police or by an accident, the immediate surviving family members may be entitled to compensation.  Our law office will be by your side to make sure that you are compensated for your loss.  Our firm has negotiated numerous settlements with insurance companies in the past, and if you have a good case we can do the same for you.

A harassing creditor can bring stress.  File Bankruptcy and protect your assets today!

Our firm offers free initial consultations for any injury or wrongful death case.   Here is a list of our services:

  • Auto Accident                                    1/3 of the verdict
  • Wrongful Death                                 1/3 of the verdict
  • Bankruptcy                                         $1000 and up                                        
  • Civil Litigation Defense                      $4,000.00
  • Divorce                                              $4,000.00
  • LL/Tenant                                          $1,000.00
  • Medical Malpractice                           1/3 of the verdict 
  • Personal Injury                                   1/3 of the verdict 
  • Police Misconduct                              1/3 of the verdict

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